Touring Australia

From long, straight treks through the outback to the winding mountain roads of NSW to the tropical rainforests of QLD to the sweeping coastal vistas of Victoria's Great Ocean Road, Australia is blessed with some of the best and most varying riding territory in the world.

In this section you'll find information on some of the best Motorcycle trips in each state in the country. Just click on a state below, get reading, and get going!

Motorcycle Tours Western Australia

Western Australia is perhaps one of the most unique areas in the world in terms of climate. The South Western area is Mediterranean, with warm dry summers and cool, wet winters, while further north you have dry winters and hot, wet summers and tropical storms. Then of course, the outback with its bleak, arid conditions.

Western Australia contains every sort of holiday destination you could want, although the best motorcycling roads are in the south western region of the state, near Perth.

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Motorcycle Tours Northern Territorys

The Northern Territory has two distinctive climate zones – the tropical Top End and the semi-arid Central Australia.

The Top End has two distinctive climate seasons – wet (November until April) and dry (May until October). The wet season is characterised by increased humidity followed by heavy rain and tropical storms. Perhaps not the best time of year to ride a motorcycle.

During the dry season, however, the sun is almost always shining, the days are warm, and the nights are cool. Perfect weather to get on a motorbike and explore Kakadu National Park

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Motorcycle Tours South Australia

South Australia is well known for its wine, and no wonder. South Australia’s mild climate makes for good wine. Like Victoria, South Australia gets most of its rainfall during the winter months of June, July and August. It’s wetter around the city and Mount Lofty Ranges than the outback.

Autumn is a great time to visit Adelaide. There’s lots of sunshine and the weather is mild – the temperature usually being in the mid to low 20s, and spring is bursting with colour. With the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills nearby offering some terrific motorcycle rides set against beautiful scenery, Adelaide makes a perfect starting point for your motorcycle adventure.

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Motorcycle Tours New South WalesHome to Melbourne, one of Australia's most progressive, culturally enlightened cities (and well known for it's trams and coffee), Victoria has some of the best riding in the country. The weather there is a little cooler than in the other states along the east coast, being so far south, but can still get quite hot in summer. Unlike the cities of South East Queensland, Melbourne summers are quite dry, and winters are cool and wet (from June to August you'll find Melbournians huddled over their lattes in cafes complaining of the constant drizzle between blowing their noses). But, when the sun comes out, as it often does in the warmer months, Victoria is absolutely splendid, and a perfect destination to rent a motorcycle and hit the road.

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Motorcycle Tours New South WalesNew South Wales is described as having a temperate climate, although temperatures and weather differs greatly depending on proximity to the coastal and mountainous regions.

NSW can be very hot in the North West region of the state, and very cold in the southern alpine region, with snow not being unhear of. But, generally, the weather is mild. Perfect for a motorcycle aventure.

NSW is well known for it's famous wine region, the Hunter Valley, and the Blue Mountains. You'll find that New South Wales offers up some very satisfying and exciting motorbike rides.

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touring AustraliaIn Queensland, you'll find a mix of dry bushland and tropical rainforest. The climate is warm and humid over summer, more so the further north you travel. Winter is dry and mild. Weather in South East Queensland is usually very good, especially around September/October, with a wet season over summer and a dry season over winter. Being in the subtropics/tropics, storms are heavy and intense over summer, although not too frequent. Practially all year round you'll find Queenslanders throwing themselves in the Pacific Ocean from the beaches of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in SE QLD and the Whitsundays in North QLD.

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